Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Earth Bots to my server?

You can add Earth Bots to your Discord server by clicking on the invite button. You must have a role with the “Administrator” or the “Manage Server” permission to be able to add to your Discord Server.

How do I get started with using Earth?

So you've already invited Earth (if not, go ahead and do it now!) and want to know how to get started with using it? In that case you should definitely go ahead...

How do I play music with the bot?

Adding music to the playlist is pretty simple. To start playing a track, use the /play command. Here are two examples:
/play hello

How to set the bot 24/7 in VC?

First you have to join the voice channel there you can set the bot 24/7 then you can simply set the bot 24/7 by using /24/7.